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Camping Tent Heaters - Find the Right Portable Electric Or Catalytic Heater
A camping tent heater, whether electric or catalytic, can be the difference between a great and a miserable camping trip. You can hide from the heat during the day, but at night, even the best sleeping bags and tents can sometimes fail at keeping you warm at a temperature that's comfortable to you. Companies like Coleman, Zodi, and Mr. Heater feel your pain and have made tent heaters to warm up those cold nights in the great outdoors.Coleman heaters for tents are probably the most popular portable heater out there for camping. Their line of catalytic heaters include the ProCat, SportCat, BlackCat, and GolfCat. The company is one of the most well-known camping name brands and knows what it takes to make great outdoors products. This is evident in the popularity of their tent heaters.For instance, the Coleman BlackCat catalytic heater will warm up any tent in no time with 3,000 BTU output. This tent heater will work for 7 hours using a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder. When not in use, the legs of this coleman heater pack into the unit for easy storage and portability. The heater is easy to light and will warm up even the biggest of tents like a 6 person dome tent. The circulation of heat may be an issue because it doesn't come with a fan like the ProCat; which would then need batteries to operate the fan.For even more features, many people turn to the Coleman ProCat tent heater. The best added option is the battery InstaStart ignition for easy, matchless lighting. Also, as mentioned above, the battery-operated fan provides increased heat circulation up to 20 hours. Of course, the heater operates with or without batteries. When batteries run out, you'll be without the fan, but still have the warmth for up to 7 hours with the 3,000-BTU of heat with a 16.4 ounce propane cylinder like the BlackCat model.Campers like catalytic camping heaters that take propane cylinders because they are relatively safer compared to electric heaters as it makes use of propane without an open flame. Also, unlike electric heaters, you won't need a place to plug them in which makes this a much better option in terms of portability. Hot vent heaters may be safer because they are placed outside the tent with air tubes inserted inside the tent emitting safe dry hot air. However, this is really a more stationary option for base camps and semi-permanent camping. If you're backpacking or hiking and camping, a portable, catalytic tent heater is the way to go.Another great brand of camping heater is Mr. Heater. Popular models like the Portable LP Gas Heater has been made with safety in mind. One great feature is the automatic pilot shutoff. When the oxygen reaches a certain level, the pilot light turns off to prevent explosions. The heater works in areas as large as 200 square feet while still being lightweight enough to carry it with you on trips. Mr. Heater is a great company that should also be considered when looking for a camping tent heater.Although there are many other ways to heat up a tent without a heater, people are opting for the maximum and quick warmth that a tent heater provides. With the new lightweight, portable, and safe models being produced these days, finding a model within your budget for your next camping trip should not be a problem. Keep those cold nights warm with a camping heater in your tent and enjoy the great outdoors.
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