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I Am Searching for an Immersion Heater Large Enough and Specific to Heating Bathtub Water. Any Ideas
You might want to try a pet store -- the fish tank section. They will carry immersion heaters for large fish tanks/aquariums, but I do not know how hot they will heat the water. Also, do you have a large gallon or so thermos (the kind with a little spigot)? Heat your water on the stove and put it in the thermos and at least you will have warm water throughout the day to wash your hands or a quick dishes rinse.1. Why does my immersion heater keep blowing?If you have very hard water off the shelf elements sometimes do not last very long. There are elements designed for hard water (such as Sand Hog) that will last for years. Although they are much more expensive then the cheaper ones they are well worth the price. As the other poster stated, make sure the elements are covered with water before turning on the power2. can I fit an immersion heater to my boiler myself - and how easy is it?!?Provided that you have a copper storage cylinder, then it would be possible to fit an immersion heater, the biggest problem is obtaining a cable to carry the 3Kw load which has to be on it's own circuit. You require a "WILLIS-TYPE" immersion heater and sleeve, which you fit vertically OUTSIDE the cylinder, the bottom is connected to the bottom of the cylinder by a 15mm pipe, and the top is fitted one meter up the breather pipe, when turned on the hot water rises vertically, then goes down into the top of the cylinder by "thermo-syphon" The very hot water floats on the cold water and after some time depresses the cold water in the cylinder.. As the Draw-off is already at the top there will be hot water available immediately. Email me if you have difficulties. This system was invented in Belfast in the thirties by a guy called Willis, and is found in 90% of houses here in Northern Ireland.3. How does an immersion heater for a bathtub work? We don't have them in America.?You can get immersion heaters from the livestock store, same principal as the coffee mug just bigger, we used to use them to heat up buckets of water4. electric immersion heater used to heat 100g of water for a cup of herbal tea.The heater is labeled 200Watt?Electric Cup Heater5. what affects the heating power of an immersion heater?The power is set by the running resistance of the heater element. When the element heats up, it's resistance will rise, and settle at a certain value. This value will regulate the amount of electrical power dissipated in heat. The effect of water temperature on this resistance will be minimal, as the element will run at several hundred degrees. To measure the power, you would need to measure the current drawn by the element while it is running, and then multiply this figure by the mains voltage. Alternatively there will be a plate on the side of the boiler telling you the power consumption, or at least the current drawn.6. Is it consumable, water heated by electric immersion heater?Sure. If youve ever drank hot water out of a faucet, or used it for cooking, and have an electric water heater, youve drank from an immersible element heater. The element is immersed in the water to heat it7. Our water is constantly scalding - whats wrong? Immersion heater fault?Sounds like a thermostat-related problem. Whatever is used to set the desired water temperature is not functioning properly, or not all. The water is being constantly heated 24-7. Call a reputable plumber to check this out immediately.8. Does a longer immersion heater last longer?The 14" long heating element may or may not last longer, but it's reasonable to give it a try if the 14" element is from just as reputable a source as the 11" element9. If only 1 kw of electric at 240volts is available to a 3 kw immersion heater?What limits the current ? If you try to connect it to a 1 KW circuit all you will do is trip the overcurrent protection. If do you put 1/3 the current through the heater you get somewhat less than 1/3 heat out of it. (The resistance does not rise to the design level.) EMail me.
Immersion Heater Definition, How It Works, Types, Benefits
The power density of an immersion heater has to be calculated to fit the liquid. Incorrect power density can scorch the liquid and create excess heat build up in the heater. A key factor is the ability of the liquid to remove heat from the immersion heaters heating element, which determines the proper density.1995 ford explorer,heater blows!cold air only.has automatic ,-?>?I HAD A LUV TRUCK DO THAT TO ME ONE TIME. IT WAS LOW ON ANTIFREEZE AND HAD A STUCK THERMOSTAT. HOPE THIS HELPSCentral Gas heater won't ignite..just blows cold air, pilot light is on. It ignited one time but not again.?The pilot flame should be detected by a heat sensing thermocouple or other type of sensor. Have you decided to clean the heater and dislodged the flame sensor? At it's simplest it may be that the sensor should be positioned back into the pilot flame. If the sensor is not sensing the flame then you will not get the gas to come on.How long before aquarium heater is supposed to work?Trust me it isnt gonna work i had one of those if its the one that you put the suction cups to the bottom of the tank and it has something that you open it isnt gonna work. Go get another one or get 2 heat lamps with 60 watt bulbs. I traded the heater back to the petstore and they gave me a heat lamp for it with a crayfish. Sorry for your lose!.What types of aquarium fish don't require a heater?you should %. up a clean heater for a 10gallon for type of 15 money. The zebra's and guppies are the toughest of what you have indexed that ought to get alongside with temps around 70. each and each of something elect temps larger like seventy 8. a funky little fish which you would be able to get that do not elect a heater may be the White cloud mountain minnows. a school could in good shape impressive in a 10 gallonCan running both elements of a water heater at the same time increase pressure?There should be an expansion tank plumbed somewhere on the hot water line to handle the pressure fluctuations. Without this there will be potential pressure problems regardless of how the heating elements are run. With one (appropriately sized and plumbed) there will be no problems. Hot water expansion pressure is created in a system with a backflow check (which one should expect to be present) by the heater volume multiplied by the change in temperature from the coldest (incoming) to the hottest temperature the water is heated. It does not matter how quickly that set temperature is reached, so running both elements does not cause an increase in peak pressureMy Bettas Fish bowl water is cold and i cant get a heater now? What to do?Temporary fix, turn on a heater in your room. Warm the whole room up to 75F, and the water in the bowl will gradually warm up too. Long term fix, get a proper aquarium (5gal or so) that you can put a proper heater in. Any container under about 2 gal gets very tricky to heat properly, not to mention maintain any sort of water quality. But if you change the water frequently, and keep the room warm, you betta will survive until you get a decent home for it. IanCan I build my own heat storage system behind portable electric heater?Yes, it is possible. One way to do it is fill some barrels of water and put them behind the heater. Or buckets of sand or oilCan I use my rent to pay for a heater that the landlord won't pay for? Up to how much can I spend?No you cannot withhold rent for any reason without a Court Order. Call the Local Building Code Enforcement Office and file a complaint. They will handle it and keep you from being evicted and sued for nonpayment of rent.Since using space heater I've noticed the breaker will trip? Why?Most Portable heaters are 1500 watts which equals 12.5 amps @ 120volts, and I am guessing it's on a 15 amp Breaker if you are using much of anything else on that circuit and you have been doing it for a while The breaker has gotten weak and will only hold for so long before tripping, Try finding a different location to plug the heater in that is not on a circuit that is used much, and replace the breaker even If you Move the heater, IF you Use a drop cord USE ONE AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE AND AT LEAST A 12GUAGE CORD!
Jeff Howell: What Can We Do About a Noisy Air Source Heat Pump?
Q:I have an indirect copper hot-water cylinder, which during summer is heated by the electric immersion heater, as the main central heating boiler is turned off. This immersion heater is left switched on 24/7, automatically controlled by the integral thermostat.My query is, should the thermostat relay fail (as it eventually will after switching a heavy current on and off over several years), the circuit might fail closed. Electric power would flow continuously to the immersion element, causing the water to boil. This will be vented into the loft expansion tank and eventually exit via the overflow. Quite wasteful.The answer could be to fit some sort of thermal fuse to cut the electrical power to the immersion heater element at, say, 175F (80C) and hence prevent the cylinder water boiling. Do you know of any suitable thermal fuses?GW, by email A:In the first place, I have to question why you turn your boiler off in the summer. You are paying three to four times more to heat your water by electricity than you would do using gas, even allowing for heat losses in the boiler and pipework. By using the boiler throughout summer, you will also reduce the risk of the pump sludging up.Jeff Howell's DIY advice: frozen pipes On the level: Jeff Howell's home advice Jeff Howell: can keeping the heating on low all day reduce costs?Jeff Howell: do we need a new boiler?Jeff Howell: can we fix our siphon problem?Jeff Howell: why is our roof leaking?However, if you are determined to use the immersion heater (and for readers who have no other water-heating option), you are right to consider the risk of thermostat failure. Boiling water expanding into the cold water cistern in the loft would not only be wasteful, but might also be dangerous. Rather than exiting via the overflow pipe, as you suggest, the displaced water will be replaced from the cold feed at the bottom of the cistern, setting up a cycle that will heat up the cold water cistern itself.Most cisterns are now plastic, and when they are filled with hot water they become soft and can collapse, dumping their load of hot water through the ceiling into the room below, which is often a bedroom. There have been several serious accidents and, unfortunately, some fatalities as a result.Because of this, modern immersion heaters (since 2004) are mostly "dual safety", fitted with re-settable thermal cut-outs to prevent overheating.You can buy a new dual safety thermostat from any good plumbers' merchants, fit it to your existing immersion heater, and this risk will be prevented.Q:Last year our neighbours installed an air source heat pump on the other side of our fence, which is about 6m from our house and 1.5m from theirs. The noise this device creates is intolerable, not only in the garden but also in parts of our triple-glazed home.Have you any ideas as to a solution? We have contacted the neighbours (we still speak) and the suppliers of the offending item have been to look and listen, both in the garden and in the house, and agree it is noisy, but are no nearer to finding a solution. According to their website, it should make no more noise than a domestic refrigerator, but we dispute this.We are also disappointed that a local authority will give permission for an installation of such a device so close to a neighbouring property.MM, Letchworth A:Air source (or air-to-air) heat pumps are a growing fad, being oversold to people on the premise that they are a cheap form of heating. Not only is this debatable, but little attention seems to have been given to the noise pollution that you are now experiencing.Your neighbours would not have had to ask the local authority for permission to install this equipment. But I suggest you contact the local authority environmental health department with your complaint - it should be able to carry out noise measurements and warn your neighbours if they are causing a statutory nuisance to you.Send your questions to Jeff at Life, The Sunday Telegraph, 111 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0DT, email . Also visit Ask Jeff
How Does an Immersion Heater for a Bathtub Work? We Don't Have Them in America.?
You can get immersion heaters from the livestock store, same principal as the coffee mug just bigger, we used to use them to heat up buckets of water1. If only 1 kw of electric at 240volts is available to a 3 kw immersion heater?if you only have 1 kw and 240 volts this means you have 4.17 amps going to the heater. I would simply switch out your breaker to that circuit to at least 12.5 amp circuit, and you will have the 3 kw needed to run the heater. connecting it to a 1kw fixture will not work at all as the heater will pull too many amps causing the breaker to trip constantly.2. what affects the heating power of an immersion heater?Only the temperature of the water affects the power, which is theoretically the voltage x current (watts). However, as the water heats, the cooling is less. Thus the resistance of the element rises, the current falls, but as the voltage remains the same, the result is less power being dissipated by the element. But not by much! The best way to measure power is by direct measurements of voltage supplied and current flowing. Another way would be to heat a set volume of water from a set temperature to another set temperature, and measure the time. But this is more of a labaratory experiment than a practical exercise.3. How do I calculate if I can stop a tank of water freezing overnight with just a leisure battery and an immersion heater element? It is a 300-liter tank, 120 AH 12v battery, and a 12v 200w element. The tank will be insulated with a thick duvet.To fully calculate it you'd need to know the thermal resistance of the tank and the duvet as applied, and the circulation of the water, etc. That's complex.Then you'd need to work with the temperature of the water at start, the actual (as opposed to rated) heat output of the heater, the air temperature outside the duvet, and how much air circulation there is. The catch there is that the thermal difference, and therefore heat loss, will reduce to nearly zero as the tank temperature approaches the external temperature. And you don't say what's in the tank, or whether it's permissible for the water to freeze partially only. E.g., some fish aren't bothered by ice on the surface so long as there's a bit of circulation and oxygenation. To clarify, you ask about freezing, but do you need to stay warm enough that the heater thermostat is still regulating the temperature, vs being on 100% of the time and being unable to maintain its set temperature?It's theoretically possible to calculate all that, taking into account all the variables, but it's not only complex, but it has several significant probable sources of error. I'm going to suggest that a better way is simply test it. That addresses all the hidden variables. The only real challenges will be getting periodic temperature readings from the duvet-covered tank, and arranging a significantly representative test environment (external temperature; wind, if any) for the whole setup. (BTW, if it's going to be in a windy area, you might want to wrap it in plastic to stop airflow through the duvet. ) Heat loss as I recall is directly related to inside/outside temperature difference, so you should be able to see fairly soon what how fast the temperature is changing.How do I calculate if I can stop a tank of water freezing overnight with just a leisure battery and an immersion heater element? It is a 300-liter tank, 120 AH 12v battery, and a 12v 200w element. The tank will be insulated with a thick duvet.4. How can several Tory politicians blame the U.K.'s massive power outage on "an over reliance on wind generated power"?By way of the usual Tory mix of ignorance, stupidity and arrogance. Remember that this latest power outage began with the loss of a gas turbine plant. So why are not they blaming it on gas? The best way of guarding against the blackouts in these circumstances is to put in place 'smart grid' technology including the ability to cut out high load inessential (in the short term) devices very quickly. Imagine if heater elements in every oven, washing machine and immersion heater in the UK could be suddenly cut out at
Jeff Howell: Understanding Economy 7 and Kitchen Taps
METER FRUSTRATIONQ Our all-electric bungalow is wired with a two-rate meter to take advantage of cheaper Economy 7 electricity. Our night-storage heaters are controlled on the "night" circuit by our electricity supplier via a radio timer, currently set for 10.30pm-12.30am and 2.30am-7.30am (checked by observing the neon light on one of the heaters). I wish to make maximum use of Economy 7 for the immersion heater, washing machine and dehumidifier, so have asked Scottish El ectricity if the low-rate times are the same on the "normal" circuit. Their answers have ranged from "Don't know", "can be varied by the supplier", to "12.30-7.30am". They do not answer my email enquiries. My neighbours and I are frustrated that we are purchasing a product which the supplier will not fully explain, and which we may not be using in the most economical manner. Can you help? NT, LancasterA Economy 7 ("off peak") electricity is the cheapest fuel for readers with no mains gas supply. It can be difficult to get suppliers to tell you which times the off-peak rate kicks in and out, but this is often because they don't know - the switchover times are determined by the electricity generating companies, not the retail supply companies (a result of the convoluted way in which the electricity industry was privatised in the Eighties). The only sure-fire way of knowing is to observe the neon switch lights on your storage heaters, as you already know. If you use timers on your washing machine and dishwasher, or any other appliances, then it is worth keeping an eye on these times, as the generating companies can shift them by five or 10 minutes either way without notice, to even out the switch loadings within a region. They don't want all the storage heaters in one area to switch on at the same time, as this would create a surge and possibly blow transformer fuses. On the Level: Jeff HowellOn the Level: Jeff Howell's home adviceOn the Level: Jeff Howell's home adviceJeff Howell's DIY advice: frozen pipesOn the level: Jeff Howell's home adviceOn the level: Jeff Howell's home advice Having established the Economy 7 times, you can then be sure that all your electrical appliances will be cheap to run during those periods. As long as you have only one electric meter, then all your consumption will be coming through that. Your storage heaters will be wired through a dedicated consumer unit that gets the power supply switched to it during the off-peak periods. But there will be a fused spur that also directs this off-peak electricity back through your "normal" consumer unit, so all the power circuits and lighting circuits are switched to the cheap rate at the same time. Most Economy 7 users have a special hot-water cylinder fitted with two immersion heaters. The lower heater is wired to come on automatically every night, on the same circuit as the storage heaters, and the upper one can be switched on manually during the day-rate period if needed for a boost. UNDER PRESSURE QWe need to replace our kitchen mixer tap, which has been in use for 30 years, and which now leaks badly at the neck swivel joint due to our hard water and despite re-washering. When I look at websites for replacements, I find there are high and low-pressure units on offer. The hot water supply at the sink is, at the moment, from a tank in the airing cupboard upstairs and the cold is from the mains. Does it matter whether the new fitment is high or low pressure? JW, by emailA If I were you I would fix the existing tap and keep it. It probably just needs properly descaling, and the correct-sized O-ring(s) fitting. If you want to buy a new tap anyway, and you have indirect ("low") pressure hot water, then you will need a low-pressure tap. Many readers have reported problems with regard to this, often with European imports which have only 8mm or even 6mm copper "tails" to connect to the incoming water pipes. If you then find the mains cold water flow is too fierce, you can always fit a pressure-reducing valve to the cold supply only.
Behind the Doors of Britain's Most Controversial Landlord: Tenants Claim They Were Left Feeling Vuln
A controversial landlord who has tried to ban 'coloured' people and plumbers from living in his houses left tenants feeling vulnerable in their own homes because of his 'bolshy' behaviour.Fergus Wilson, 70, owns hundreds of properties throughout Ashford, Folkestone and Maidstone in Kent which he rents out with stringent policies on potential tenants.In March, he banned 'coloured' tenants from his homes because he claims they make them smell of curry, but denied he was racist.It was revealed that he had sent out a new list of requirements for 2017, including refusing to let out his houses to single mothers or fathers, 'battered wives' or plumbers.Now, some of those who have lived in his rental properties have revealed what it is like to be one of his tenants.One, who wished to remain anonymous, said she felt vulnerable when he seemingly refused to fix the boiler during winter months when she had a two-year-old daughter.She moved into the property in Ashford in May 2013, and a leaky toilet was fixed very quickly early on in the tenancy.But in November, the boiler stopped working, and she contacted him to get it fixed.Mr Wilson insisted the problem was probably 'user error' and told her it was his policy to have her pay for a plumber to come and check that it wasn't her fault, which she followed.By December 23, she was still without hot water and heating, and was forced to stay with her father in his spare room.She asked again for a plumber to fix the problem, but was told no one would be available until the new year.She said: 'I just felt like I was being fobbed off.'He did not see the urgency. I did get a plumber in the end because I didn't see a way forward.'In the end the letting agent was sympathetic and I wasn't left out of pocket but I didn't know I wouldn't be when it was going on.'By law, all repairs to the home must be carried out at the landlord's expense.Most tenancy agreements tell tenants not to carry out their own repairs.Once Mr Wilson had told her there was no one to repair before Christmas, he asked if she was in receipt of housing benefit - something she declared she was at the beginning of the tenancy.He then asked her to make arrangements to live elsewhere.In an email seen by the MailOnline, Mr Wilson wrote to the letting agent: 'There may well be sureties bit I did say no one else on benefits! No one is listening! Please arrange a move out date with the tenant.'She said: 'Before I became a single parent I was in charge of my own income, and in this I felt vulnerable. I wasn't aware of anything or anyone that could help.'As he had fixed the leaky toilet earlier in the tenancy I was bowled over by the whole heating thing.'I was really surprised that he did not want to come and fix it.'In a way I'm relieved that he won't take people on housing benefit now because those vulnerable people won't have to deal with him, although I don't know where they would go.'He told the MailOnline this tenant had been 'ideal' but an unfortunate casualty of the new policy in 2013 as so many of his housing benefit tenants were in arrears.He claims her boiler and boiler mate were working when she left the property but the settings had not been correctly managed. She insists all advice given to her by him was useless, as he asked her to move switches not present on her devices.Mike Bourner faced a similar situation when he started renting property from Mr Wilson in the winter of 2008/2009.He moved in with his then-partner who was pregnant with his oldest son.When his son was about six months old, the boiler stopped working. They contacted the letting agency who were in touch with Mr Wilson, but no one came to look at the boiler.Mr Bourner, 30, said: 'I got to the point where because he was refusing to do anything about it, I refused to pay the rent.'A friend of mine was a boiler engineer, so I asked him to look at it, though he couldn't do any work. He told me the range was discontinued so parts couldn't be bought for it anymore, and it was the same in all the houses in that estate.'He told me I'd probably find I get evicted. And that's what happened.'Mr Bourner said a couple of months after the initial complaint, two plumbers were sent around, who 'bashed about a bit' and then left, saying they would get back to him, but he didn't hear anything.Mr Bourner said: 'Nothing was ever done about the boiler but then we were sent paperwork giving us two months to leave the house.'Mr Wilson then took half the deposit, about £600, for not cutting the grass or cleaning the carpets, despite the fact the garden was a jungle when we moved in and the carpets were not clean.'Under housing law, not providing a working boiler is a breach of the tenancy agreement with the tenants but a landlord can still evict a tenant even before the repairs are carried out.In order to have the boiler works completed, tenants have to have the council's environmental departments involved, asking them to serve an improvement works notice on their landlord.An inspector would have to find a category one hazard, which no heating or hot water comes under.A landlord has to carry out works ordered by the council and cannot evict a tenant for another six months.Mr Wilson denies that either home had a faulty boiler, and claims it was the settings in both cases. He also claims there was working hot water.He told the MailOnline: 'His boiler was working fine. It produced hot water which was stored in the boilermate. When he left there was hot water. Further he also had an immersion heater in case the boiler did fail. He had left the boilermate on hot water only.'He also claims Mr Bourner's money was taken for rent arrears, not anything else.He claims Mr Bourner gave him notice to leave and his story is 'inconsistent' with his records.He was recently successfully taken to court by Ashford Borough Council after leaving a pregnant tenant and her child without heating or hot water.They had to pay the tenants £1,200 in compensation as well as thousands of pounds in legal fees after losing the case.
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