Why did you learn Machine Learning?

Andrew Ng said AI i the new electricity ; working in this area gives you good chances to be part of many innovations; It is revolutionizing every industries, agriculture, chemicals, tech, etc;I just love to check some data sciences vizualitions in Kaggle kernels or shiny dashboards (not even neural networks or ML; some of them should be in museum; Shiny - Kmeans example, Shiny - Retirement simulationbe able to take opportunity of the open data era which is driven by data sciences professionnals growing out there.the community is very active, and there are so many things to learn; so far it of the best field of study I have been introduced to.You have a real know-how, and can do stuff that counts on side projects (like contributing to open source; or stuff like fake news detectorsGiven this reasons, how you could not learn mahine learning ?

Why did you learn Machine Learning? 1

I believe, that if you want to be good at it, you will need to constantly get updated on new technologies and models. You need a lot of work dedication; There are other jobs that pay just as well but don't take the time investment to stay competent at them

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How do you say "Miss you, too," in Spanish? Are there multiple ways to say it?

This answer is for Spanish spoken in Spain by Spanish people.nYes, multiple ways to say it in Spanish.nWhy?

nBecause the English word 'you' has 19 different words in Spanish. n nTe echo de menos, tambiu00e9n. (a tu00ed, from tu00fa.

)nLe echo de menos, tambiu00e9n. (a usted.)nOs echo de menos, tambiu00e9n.

Why did you learn Machine Learning? 2

(a vosotros.)nOs echo de menos, tambiu00e9n. (a vosotras.

)nLes echo de menos, tambiu00e9n. (a ustedes.)n nAnd also:nTe echo de menos a tu00ed, tambiu00e9n.

nLe echo de menos a usted, tambiu00e9n. nEtc. , etc.

nIf the sentence "Miss you, too" did not have a comma: "Miss you too" (I don't know English enough and don't know if it could be written that way ) then the hyperbaton in Spanish will start working. And you could say it in another multiple ways.nYo a tu00ed tambiu00e9n te echo de menos.

nTambiu00e9n te echo de menos yo a tu00ed.nYo tambiu00e9n te echo de menos. n.

nAnd the most common:nYo tambiu00e9n te echo de menos a tu00ed.nYo tambiu00e9n le echo de menos a usted.nEtc.

, etc


How do I start a conversation with a girl after saying "hi"? What should be the next question to ask or how do I not bore a girl in the conversation?

The most boring thing a girl will find is a guy who ask questions.

Instead, try to build a rapport on common interest. Share interesting stories, incidents, jokes, deep concepts (philosophy can help too depending upon the type of girl you are speaking to) Also, if you ask question, they should be open ended. .

e. g Do not ask Did you go for the movie XYZ? The answer will be Yes/No, but you can put it differently.

I saw the movie XYZ, and I loved it. It is really worth watching. She will have to explain that she saw it, did not see it, will go/not go to see it.

this helps to fill in the void, and the conversation is more flexible and unstructured. Another variation if you have not seen the movie : I read the review of the movie ABC. The critics are praising Ranbir Kapoor for his acting.

This can take the conversation on the critics, movie, favourtie actor, stories etc. etc. I would suggest you to read the book : How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

It is available on Amazon dot in for about 125 bucks odd and is well worth a read. Good luck


Is TrueCaller safe and accurate to use?

I uninstalled Truecaller today and quora displayed this question to me .

hmm .still trying to figure out whats going on.Few days ago, truecaller came under heavy criticism because the app started registering users automatically for the UPI (unified payment interface) service.

UPI is indiau2019s biggest payment network. This was shocking and terrifying. Though Truecaller stopped this after sometime, but fear had already spread across users.

Some users even dig deeper into the app to understand if truecaller is safe at all to use. Here are few findings i could gather from other users:Truecaller create financial risk profile of its users without their knowledge. Please stop this, Truecaller was meant to be a spam blocker, how could it get into this sensitive zone?

Truecaller also creates brand affinity profiles. If i prefer amazon over flipkart, truecaller know about it and might sell this information to flipkart for marketing purpose. You start with blocking the spam and now also feeding the data to increase the spam.

Because of these mischievous tricks, I strongly favor those apps which are transparent about their data collection and handling part. DuckDuckGo (vs google search) is case in point. ProtonMail over Gmail.

FinArt over Walnut / money view and so onIs truecaller safe and accurate to use?


How is the output of the program (2, 2) tried on GeekSide int main() int i 97, *p &i; foo(&p); printf("%d ", *p); return 0; void foo(int **p) int j 2; *p &j; printf("%d ", **p); ?

The output of this code will be 2,2 is correct.

I am explaining below.int main()int i97; //Here the value of i is 97 and suppose address having 100.int *p&i; // Here address of i is copied into p, suppose address of i is 100.

And address of pointer is 200. foo(&p); //Here the address of pointer p will be passed (i.e.

200).As we know call by reference.printf("%d",*p); //Here print the value of *p(i.

e. 2).Because of j2,*p point j instead of i after function call(foo(&p)) .

return 0;void foo(int **p) // Here the value of , **p is 200 because we passed the address of pointer p and suppose the address of **p is 300.int j2; //Here the value of j is 2 and the address of this variable is 400.*p&j; // Here the address of variable j (i.

e. 400 thats mean it point to j instead of i) is copied and this address overwrite the previous address (i.e.

address of i thats mean 100).And it point to the variable j thats why output will be 2,2.printf("%d",**p); //Here output will 2 because of it store the address of *p and the pointer p point to the j not i.



What language is similar to C but easier to learn?

What language is similar to C but easier to learn?

Similarity is in the eye of the beholder, but I guess you want an object-oriented language more or less in the C family.To tell the truth, Objective-C is a lot easier to learn, but rather a niche language these days. Java and Javascript are both C-derived languages with object-orientation of varying kinds, and are very widely used, especially on web sites and (in the case of Java) enterprise applications.

Python is widely used, object oriented, and reasonably straightforward to learn. It is a little different to C, but no more so that (say) Pascal. Microsofts C# is not a bad choice, especially if you ever aspire to games programming: it is used in Unity, a popular game platform.

There is also D, but that would be a bit of a niche language. And Go and Rust and Julia and so on all similar comments. They are not bad choices, just less widely used than those mentioned above (apart from Objective-C, which is really in decline and was never widely used outside of the Apple environment).

Python, Javascript, and Java are all useful languages to know perhaps you should try one or more of these


What is Ruby on Rails development?

Ruby on Rails is the famous open-source web application framework. Its built with the Ruby programing language .

You can use Rails to assist you build applications, from simple to complex, there's no limits to what you'll accomplish using Rails!In other words, instead of having to write down every single line of code during a program from scratch, web developers can ask a framework and find code for common functions that they will plug into the websites or web apps theyre building. Web frameworks are usually specific to a particular programing language (e.

g. AngularJS may be a JavaScript framework, meaning all of the coding libraries it contains are going to be written in JavaScript), and therefore the Rails framework, Sokolyk says, is just an internet framework written on top of the Ruby programing language (more on Ruby below).While all frameworks by their nature help to form the event of complex websites more manageable, Jasmit Kaur, Founder and CEO at talent analytics platform Culturebie, says that Rails is especially notable for its easy maintenance and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it lends itself to collaboration.

Kaur says this is often a results of the 2 key tenets Rails is founded on: DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) and Convention Over Configuration


Do many foreigners know about Chinese "bazi"?

I am 28 years old Indonesian female and Christian. I remember one time I attended Bazi class.

The people who studied were around 35 years old above and 99% were Chinese. I find people in my country have less knowledge about Bazi and more into Fengshui. They assume Metaphysics is kind of superstition.

Beside Buddhist practitioners I concur that other religion leaders forbid their members to rely their life on Metaphysics. Since Joey Yap and Lilian Too who are closer to Indonesia. People who live in capital Jakarta know both of them.

Recent years Joey Yap expands classes in Indonesia bigger cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya including QMDJ. People who attend the class usually they are business people who seek for asset protection, financial growth, etc. But I prefer Raymond Lo u201cLaoshiu201d.

I have Bazi apps on my mobile and my friends find it interesting. They actually want to know more about it. I will explain them and let them understand what Bazi is all about.

It is just like reading human DNA. And I found many Chinese Indonesians have been practicing it. They are really good in reading but not famous like others.

I think they apply it privately


What are Serbian men like?

My limited experience in a western country as a Serb woman:Awfully patronising when debating with women about anything intellectual. The I am smartest.

Listen to me attitude. If he thinks he is losing, he will end the argument while still maintaining some dignity.Expects a woman to clean and cook, and not have a job.

But hates golddiggers, or housewives who ask for some money. What I am seeing, is men who expect a woman to sit at home and clean for somebody getting just above minimum wage.Why would a woman sacrifice her life for that?

(No, i am not a golddigger. Would not even marry rich men for personal reasons).Loves sport (soccer especially).

Very anti-feminist and goes on about feminazis etc.Very political and loves conspiracy theories. Everything is a conspiracy theory against Serbian people.

Albanian guy walks into a bar, what is he doing there? Plotting against Serbians, ofcourse. Turkish man walks into a Serbian bar, what is he doing?

Invading and establishing a caliphate, ofcourse. (I exaggerated)Will compare you to other women: Oh all other women are bitches and *insert any insult here*, you are the best of them all. This would be a nice compliment without insulting my entire gender

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Hello Aim Wont Update on My G1?
Hello AIM went commercial recently. It is now available as Hello IM for $10 on the market. You may still be able to find the Hello AIM beta APK file if you search around the net for those keywords1. Named curve value 0xffff in 'Server Hello' messageI had the exact same issue, everything was working with Java 7 and when I upgraded the JRE to Java 8, I started getting this error sec_error_unsupported_elliptic_curve. I fixed the issue by setting the JVM parameter com.sun.net.ssl.enableECC to false-Dcom.sun.net.ssl.enableECC=false2. Hello everyone, I wanna know something about fitness/bodybuilding.?Maybe cut back on building and start focusing on maintaining leanness. This happens when you build so much that it makes your head just appear small. So start on more cardio and less weights, maybe cut your calories a little bit (because if you were eating a lot to build, you will want to eat a little less than before). You might like the way you look a little leaner3. Hello, everyone. I have a question that has been dwelling in my mind for such a long time.?continue with your education. go to college if possible and you will figure it out. 14 is much too young to make such a big deal out of nothing........just be good, do not do drugs / drink and treat others as how you would like to be treated. oh.......respect your elders.4. hello everyone i need some jokes to do while the teacher is in the class room?Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map. Maria: This is it. Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found America? Class: Maria did. A: Are not you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger? B: Yes I am, I married the wrong woman. What are the three quickest ways of spreading a rumour (or gossip). Telegram Telephone Tell a woman A very drunk man comes out of the bar and sees another very drunk man. He looks up in the sky and says, "Is that the sun or the moon?" The other drunk man answers, "I do not know. I am a stranger here myself." An elementary school teacher sends this note to all parents on the first day of school. "If you promise not to believe everything your child says happens at school, I will promise not to believe everything your child says happens at home. Teacher: How can we get some clean water? Student: Bring the water from the river and wash it. Q: When does the (English) alphabet have only 25 letters? A: At Christmas time, because it is the time of Noel. (No L) Q: What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter? A: An envelope. Q: What travels around the world and stays in a corner? A: A stamp. Q: What is white when it's dirty and black when it's clean? A: A blackboard. These need to be written. Q: What do you call a pig with three eyes? A: A piiig. Q: What goes Oh, Oh, Oh? A: Santa Claus walking backwards. Depending on where you live, students will enjoy this one. Q: What do you call a hippie's wife? A: Mississippi. Q: What did the ocean say to the beach? A: Nothing, it just waved! Good luck and dont get in trouble ; )5. How do you say 'Hello', 'Hi' in your language?German:Guten Morgen/Mittag/Abend/Tag - good morning/midday/evening/dayHallo - helloMorgen/Tag - (good) morning/dayN'abend - good eveningOther dialects of German have different ways to greet each other (e.g. grezi, pfiat di Gott etc.)Low German:Gouden Morgen/Middach/vend/Dach - good morning/midday/evening/dayMorgen/Dach - (good) morning/dayDach ouk - "day, too" answer to "Dach" or "gouden Dach"N'vend/N'md - good eveningMoin/moin moin - hello6. Hello I read Irish history I have question?I consider them fellow Irishmen and women, i will be proud to live beside them in a united Ireland but i wo not shed any tears if any of them wish to return to their ancestral homelands back over in Britain7. How come most white people just smile when a black person says hello to them?No. I do not say hello to anybody I do not know regardless of race or ethnicity. Well, I sometimes say hello if it is a woman. As a woman, it is always to important to be safe and if ANY man I do not know says hello to me, I do not respond for safety reasons. Perhaps you should smile at women you do not know? You may get a better response, and a more genuine smile back
Where Can I Buy a Hello Kitty Atm?
Where can i buy a hello kitty atm? i found the melody one on ebay but i want the hello kitty one and have been searching everywhere for it. and if you know where i can find japanese hello kitty products to buy online that would be a big help to.1. Hello Kitty Toaster in Australia?hard factor look on from search engines like google that could actually help2. Is saying hello to a woman on the street harassment?I do not know It depends If you think this is not harassment... Are YOU also willing to accept a sleazy, disheveled 60 year old obese woman's with sagging breasts and hairy face covered with moles and smelly armpits, wearing a mini skirt and stiletto heels constantly staring at you and licking her lips suggestively, or winking at you and slobbering all over her low-cut transparent blouse revealing her erect nipples while whistling and yelling at you ''Hey honey, mmmm, I want some of that yeah!!!" and trying to smell you as you pass by If you can accept HER behavior as ''not harassment'' then I guess maybe it's not harassment in the woman's case either3. Hello. translate christian child book phrases to spanish?Corderito, por favor comparte con nosotros hoy da, que es lo que dice la Biblia. La alegra es un regalo del cielo. Con ella, siento la paz y el amor. Leon, leon, comparte con nosotros hoy da, que es lo que dice la Biblia. La palabra de Dios dice que deberamos compartir desde nuestros corazones, para demostrar cunto nos importan los dems. Koala, koala, comparte con nosotros hoy da, que es lo que dice la Biblia. Cuando yo hago bien las cosas, Dios se siente orgulloso de m. Panda, Panda, comparte con nosotros hoy da, que es lo que dice la Biblia. Escuchar calladamente, y despus hars lo mismo para m. Gatito, gatito, comparte con nosotros, que es lo que dice la Biblia. La gente ser buena contigo, si t tambin eres bueno y amoroso.4. Hello World 0.0!I admit, this answer is cheating. Labels transparently behave as strings when in an expression, but technically they are not string or character literals, right? If anyone wants to weigh in feel free but I am convinced a SmileBASIC answer would just amount to abusing PI() or EXP() to compute every character code.You could easily golf this more, I am sure5. What's the meaning of Beyoncé's song Hello?thats debatable there are actually more potential answers to this question6. Hello is my dream a prediction or just nonsense?*chuckles* I will answer your question with another one: If it came true, would you really be all that happy you knew?7. Hello I need someone who knows exactly the answer to this questions?First of all, the LS1 is a totally different engine that the LT1 is. The LS1 came out to be a lighter engine than the cast iron block, aluminum head LT1 engine. It has a smaller bore and a longer stroke which will produce more torque and supposedly use less fuel because of the smaller bore. The LS1 is also lighter in weight because it is an aluminum block and heads. It just so happens that the LS1 while still being 5.7L is 4 CI less than the LT1. They are not even in the same family engine, and no parts will interchange.8. Hello! Java Strings help Please! Object Oriented?static boolean validate(String s) if(!(s.length() >= 6 && s.length() 9. i heard some swiss people speaking and they said sale'- does this mean hello or goodbye in french?Are you thinking of salut? That can mean hello or goodbye10. Where do I find Paramore songs like "decoy" and "hello hello"?Well, "Hello, Hello" was a song recorded before paramore had even been signed. It's rumored to be a song from Hayley's old band, The Factory, as well as being just a composition of hers. There is supposedly a myspace page with all the downloads from that period of time. "Decoy" is a bonus track on the Hot Topic "RIOT" CD. As for "Stop This Song", that was a b-side to "RIOT", and on the Japanese version of "RIOT" but is also available in an EP on some European iTunes. In short, youd have to spend a decent amount of money just to get the three songs, so the only thing I could think of is Limewire :/ hope this helped :)
Is There a Mechanical Engineering Analogue to "Hello World"? (or: What's a Good Starter Project?)
The "Hello World" of manufacturing technology:Use a bandsaw (handheld or powered) to cut a square (between 40-100 mm a side) from a flat steel bar (10mm thick), support it on a workbench with a vise and use a straight file to make the roughly cut edges precisely smooth, flat and orthogonal. Try to give the square precise dimensions (to 0.1mm) at the same time. Use a machinist's rule, a square edge and a caliper to measure your progress.Time to completion: 30 min if you know what you 're doing and the workpiece isn't too crooked to begin with. Or, until your arms fall off from the filing, if you have an unsteady hand and don't know how to measure correctly.This exercise introduces to the students the fundamental concepts of manufacturing:judging the efficacy of a manufacturing processbeing able to assess the quality of the product by measurement of dimensions, surface quality and geometrical tolerancesdevising the process for bringing the workpiece to conform to specifications• Suggested ReadingWhy do we write "Hello World" at the beginning of everything for testing purpose?Welcome to the world of programming.when ever you write your first program it is a start like a baby is newly born. You feel the joy after you see the desired output on screen similar to the new born.And then you wish "Hello World" to your new world. Computer Programmer can learn all the life lessons which the world can teach him/her. Some of them are:A winner fails more times then a looser who never tries.nThere are times where you do not what to commit a mistake, but you end up making it.n A lot depends on your environment.nThere is always someone (compiler) searching for your smallest mistakes.n1000's of perfect stuff is never noticed, one mistake is pointed out.nTeam work is always better than the individual workn"Patience is a virtue", I never felt this sentence before like I did in programming contests. The first step towards losing everything in a contest is when you start rushing.nPractice makes the man perfect------Which dance songs are kid friendly (songs similar to Baby Shark by Pinkfong and Hello Anthem by Angelcreatives)?Thanks for the A2A. There are three parts here. (I had barely even heard of Baby Shark until recently. In my head, I still the songs I sang when my children were super little.)Songs that you want to sing. Thats hard. Its what works for you, and what you can memorize. If you can sing it, kids can sing with you. Think about the repetition in the song, and how much it matters if you can change the order of the verses. If youre happy and you know it, clap your handsSongs that kids will dance do. Thats easy. Just play something and watch their little bodies move.Songs that you you want that you can create hand / body movements to. That really just takes a bit of thinking. Ive created actions that go with many songs - but it would really be only the actions in my classroom. Its just about consistency and key words. Thats what helps children learn them------Is there a rule in English that requires putting a comma before a direct address (e.g. "Hello, John...")? I often see many people not use a comma in e-mails after "hi" or "hello" like "Hi colleagues" or "Hello John". Is it a mistake?Dear Anonymous:You are correct that a comma should separate the vocative from the rest of the sentence (the vocative indicates someone is being addressed). Many email writers write in a casual manner, but this is not where you should find your role models.Here's an answer I wrote to a similar question: Sarah Madden's answer to Is it proper to use a comma after writing "thank you"?The following sentences will demonstrate how a simple comma can transform the meaning into something not intended.Boys, come to dinner. ("Boys" is in the vocative, and the sentence is a command, an imperative. The implied subject is "you.")Boys come to dinner. ("Boys" is the subject, and the sentence is a statement.)-Sarah M. 2/21/2018ORIGINAL QUESTION: "Is there a rule in English that requires putting a comma before a direct address (e.g. 'Hello, John...')? I often see many people not use a comma in e-mails after 'hi' or 'hello' like 'Hi colleagues' or 'Hello John'f. Is it a mistake?------How do I get ideas out of the "Hello World!" and calculator phase? How do I get ideas on what to make?Heh, I can relate. In fact, I went through a similar phase at about the same age.I recommend you try doing algorithms. Complicated things. Start simple though.Try doing the fibonnaci sequence, maybe all primes up to a thousand! If you need more puzzles, go to Project Euler.After you find yourself getting bored of these, look into making graphical stuff. Look into coding actual programs: I myself have been coding games.I cannot speak for other languages, but I've been working on c and I recommend you look into libraries like Libtcod. It basically allows you to make games or programs in ASCII graphics. If you desire something more pretty look up libraries like SFML, which give you enough freedom to make basically anything.By this point, I believe you should already know more than enough to figure out what to do for yourself, but keep in mind: these are just suggestions. Maybe you don't want to figure out how to make games, in which case I recommend you look up libraries for making GUI's for example.------In America, do the men in your family kiss when saying hello and goodbye?Men kissing each other as a greeting or goodbye is jut not part of our culture. Americans as a whole are culturally a lot less touchy than other cultures. In other cultures its normal for men to kiss on the cheek, to try and do that here could end in a very awkward situation, to say the least. In the middle east it is normal for heterosexual men to walk down the street holding hands while talking and even kissing on the lips when saying goodbye. Here are some pictures of our ex president George W Bush, whom no one would consider effeminate during a meeting the the king of Saudi Arabia:Seeing any man in the US behaving in such a manner, we would automatically assume they were homosexuals. I dont think anyone would ever call George W Bush gay at all. But in the middle east no one would bat an eyelash at two men walking and holding hands or kissing on the lips when departing. Its just part of their culture. This behavior between two straight men would be considered socially awkward and unacceptable here in the US------What is the definition of the word "hello"?This is actually a kinda cool topic. One way to look at this is that "Hello" is one of the few words in English that lacks a definition. The definition of a word is the same as it's meaning, that is, it is defined by what I'm trying to communicate to another person. However, not everything in English is intended to communicate per se.When I say "Hello" to my friend, I'm not communicating any idea to my friend. If I were to say "You look great" in the same context, I'd be communicating the idea that my friend looks great on that particular occasion, but when I simply say "Hello", I'm not trying to communicate any idea to my friend - I'm simply acknowledging my friend's presence, so my friend knows that I knows that they're there.However, you could say going off of that last statement that "hello" actually does have a meaning - "I see you" (insert pointless reference to James Cameron's Avatar here).------Is it possible for a third year student to develop a "Hello World operating system"?An OS actually does not need to do very much at all, so yes. Early personal computer operating systems were even simpler than DOS, and ran in a few KB of RAM, sometimes as extensions to similarly small BIOS-like firmware in ROM.n nThey did not support multi-tasking or complex disk formats, and they had very primitive graphics capability (if any). Generally they provided the means to load a program from a floppy disk, and such programs, if you were lucky, might include a file management utility, a text editor, and so on.n nAs for the firmware, often that included a BASIC interpreter, with disk-handling extensions thereto provided by extra code loaded into RAM. There were plenty of languages besides BASIC, such as UCSD Pascal, and of course assembler.n nIn the 1980s I wrote parts of a primitive OS, it wasn't hard in principle, it was just that the tools were themselves primitive, but today they are not, so you could rattle off a simple OS quite quickly today with modern tools------You walk into a public restroom, and someone in a stall yells out "Hello? Who's there?" What would you do?i'd initially ignore them. and if they kept on, i would shout back "sorry, but can you not shout in here please."i once had what i think were two teenage girls kick the door to my stall really hard as i was in the toilet, as a prank, and i shouted out "what the " and I pulled my jeans back on, and tried to go after whoever had done it, but they had already cleared off. but someone else told me they saw too teenage girls do it, and run off.or where someone tries to open the door when it's obviously locked, and i'm in there, I will say "THE DOOR IS LOCKED, AND THAT IS BECAUSE SOMEONE IS IN HERE. CAN YOU PLEASE BE PATIENT AND STOP MESSING WITH THE DOOR"ing idiots. mind you, i once opened a door on some older woman, and immediately shut it and said sorry, but that's because the silly old bat didn't lock the door.------Why is hello world the first program in a programming language?When writing your first program with a new language / platform you want to do two things.a) establish that you have successfully compiled and executed itb) establish that you can get your program to do something (make contact with the outside world)a) is something you need to do before you can even start programming in a new language / environment. If you can do b) you can start to send diagnostic messages back to yourself about how the rest of the program is doing, which will help with debugging everything else.The simplest program that can fulfil both requirements is the simplest one that produces some kind of recognizable visible output. In 99.9% of systems that means printing a text string either to the screen or printout. And "hello world" is the convention. (I tend to use the variation "Hello Teenage America".)One exception which proves the rule is on the Arduino, where the first program is "blink" : a program that regularly flashes an LED on and off. It fulfils the criteria of the simplest program to produce a recognizable output------What does this Greek expression mean, "Say hello to the plane tree"?There are two versions. One is based on one plane tree outside a horrible prison, in Athens, 18th century. Prisoners who know who was going to be released, used this phrase to the soon free man, to express their jealousy and fondness of his freedom, since he would be able to see this tree OUTSIDE the prison. The other version is based on the fact that almost ALL villages in Greece, in the center of the village, have a plane tree under which villagers used to spend their spare time (in fact most villages today have these same plane trees). So villagers from the same village when they migrated to other countries, used to say to each other this phrase meaning I hope you will be able to see our village again. Usually this did not happen so the other meaning was that of something that will never happen regardless how much one wants. This LAST meaning, that something nice will not happen ever, is the one, most used today.
Say Hello to StreetLib Read!
ing wherever you left off.AC de FombelleFollowJan 18, 2018 · 2 min readGiven that the book is at the heart of our mission, we really cannot afford to leave authors and readers behind. They are inherent to the book's existence itself. Yes, readers too: a book is not wholly born until someone has read it. Of course, that someone might just be the author, but that makes them a reader too.We already provide a complete set of tools for authors with Write, Publish, Print and Sell and cater to readers with Stores, but today we are delighted to give readers a dedicated application for… READING!Available on iOS, Android and any web browser, StreetLib Read allows you to easily and comfortably read all your eBooks. Upload ePubs and buy new ones from StreetLib Stores and they will all be neatly organized in your own personal library. And if you log in with your StreetLib account, any previously purchased books will be automatically available without you lifting a finger!Any eBook, purchased from our store or elsewhere, can be read using the Read app. It supports the following formats:ePub 2ePub 3ePub3FXLDownload the app for free right now and start reading!• You May Also Want to Knowhello.... can anyone tell me how to find my folders?There is a program called recovermyfiles you can download it from pirrot bay for free.This will find anything including files deleted from recycling binbuying a hello kitty bag on ebay?That's so cute!(: It will be legit, I buy a lot of stuff from ebay Ps thanks, I know what I am getting with my leftover Christmas money(:hello what are like some wicked things to do at the mall?Push down an old lady that's mall walking. That would be really wickedhello friends often you seen some things around you.just describe it. let,s see who can describe amazingly.?okay.. I am looking at something to the right of me.. it is about 6' tall and is brown.. it has a sheet covering the front side of it and there are things kept inside of ithello i had a bad cavity and it hurt alot?Use Clove oil to ease the pain. You can buy it at any grocery store on your way to the ER!!! Messing with your teeth is a direct line straight to your blood stream!! Get to a doctor!!hello my iq is ok but my brain is quite slow coz my response is slow when somebody says something to me?It is called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or the “genius failure“. Quiz yourself on PsychCentral.com. They have a quiz for that. These people have the following symptoms, among others: Impulsive behavior Fidgeting Hyperactivity Inattentiveness Bipolarity Short temper Procrastination Risk taking Thrill seeking However, sluggishness may be also due to sleep disorders. I mean when one is not getting enough sleep, his speed will suffer, he may get short-tempered and things like that. If this is the case, having more sleep should solve the problem. But if ADD is involved, you will mostly be prescribed anti-depressants but they can cause mania (over-activity and/or too fast a brain) and then one day, your same physician will diagnose you with “Bipolar“ and give you brain-slowing drugs such as anti-epileptics! Maybe some drug (like sedatives and cough syrups) is causing this? There can be many other reasons so be happy and do not worry. Just make sure you take more than one opinion (more than one physician.)Can you tell me "hello" in a different language?Hello, bonjour, buenas dias, g would ay, guten tag, konichiwa, ciao, shalom, dobrey dienWhat are positives and negatives about getting a tattoo of hello kitty below my hip?Positives: People will know you are stupid and will be patient with you when you can not figure out how to open doors. Negatives: Your mom will probably like it. Seriously. If you want something “girlie“, at least choose something remotely interesting, like your favorite children's book character or something...hello im ham...ham think ham have six sense..what i mean in here is about ESP ability...did u believe it?Lets see: sight hearing touch smell taste No, Ham lacks common sense if he believes he has a 6th sense, as there is no such thing. Ham is delusional. Did Ham forecasted that answer?hello where can i buy a cheap recording device to record lectures from an online school?basic and straightforward, Q: do you've a microphone?, certain?, ok plug it into your laptop, you could now use many recommendations to record track for your laptop, and listed less than are some: a million.you should use the “Sound Recorder“ out of your initiate>courses>upload-ons>Sound Recorder application, that is of corse when you plug your Mic and once you hit record, you play the phonograph. yet some situations the Sound Recorder would not record that lengthy time period. 2. After plugging the Mic, you should use a valid “recording/enhancing“ software Like (Adobe Audition) Or (Cool Edit) Or (Sonic Acid professional)etc..., and the technique is often the same after operating this methodology discover the record command, and then initiate the phonograph. after recording the track, this methodology grants alot of Saving concepts, Like . Wav, OR . MP3. .... document variety. properly Bingo, that is that. .... Yours Yanal.Athiests if God is not real why would we worship him? I mean hello?Atheist would not worship God, of course. Who are you talking to?hello how can i set my computer up so i have 2 hard drives in it?just plug in the hard drive and when you turn it on the computer should recognize it and it should label it a different letter other than C: and you are ready to use the hard driveI'm crazy about hello kitty, is she alive? i mean can i touch her? is she really a person? can i hug her?Yes. You should have one of your own :)hello . im playing grand theft auto san andreas and i wanted to know what airport is the hydra located?i could get u some cheats of San Andreas go to mofunzone.com and go to cheats then get the cheats write the cheats and you will teleport to anywhere u sayhello users i m a class XII science student and got 80% in my cbse board exams..?fashion designing, architecture, media, writing, space research, djing, business are a few common ones.If you know it, then say hello in a language other than english..?e aí, beleza? (very informal)hello...im doing an application online for work in a hotel and i dont know what to answer to these questions:?1. Smile. Help customers promptly. Good knowledge of the area so that you can answer questions such as how to get to a restraunt, tourist attraction, etc. For housekeeping the same applies. Additional provide customers a home they are glad to come home to. 2. Obviously I can not answer that as I've never met you. 3. I can be trusted with all of the above. Plus I treat guests as the most important person in the world. Guests property is treated as if it belongs to the royal family.hello, im installing a big new sprinkler system. at 60 psi should i use 1'' anti siphon valve or 3/4 at 200ft?i would always go with the 1“ code approved backflow device to reduce pressure loss. I would run 1“sc 40 mainline and 1“ class 200 for the heads after the valveshello i have problem with my honda my honda accord coupe 1999 it dosent start at all but all the power is on ifirst check the connections second i would start with the solenoid switch running to the starter, could be a million different things if the solenoid is stuck in the open position of if the starter is locked up a good wack with a blunt object to either can sometimes help you diagn. this problem without paying for a tech. opinionHow many woman can relate, If your husband drinks everynight and then passes out well hello I am still horny!?I do not think it is fair to say that he is too old for your sex drive - sounds like he has other problems besides age - alcoholism would sound like a good path to explore going by what you sayhello I am having a problem with the volleyball positions?in a typical rotation, you may pass around the court docket and serve once you attain the a million place. yet while u have enought human beings on your team, you would be able to desire to basically be a serving professional, and pass in to serve, and then have somebody take your place contained in the back row. you may communicate on your coach if that's what you opt for, is that what your asking?.hello kitty themed room a good idea?How old r u? If you are below 10 then ok but if not dont u think its a little babyish!? Try shades of purple, green or blue together!Is it normal for guys to wear hello kitty thongs because they 'caress the tenders like boxers never could'?Hahahahah xD No it's not normal. Guys should not be wearing thongs unless they are strippers. And if he was a stripper...really? Hello Kitty? LOLhow many hello kitty stuff do u have?I think I have every kind of Hello Kitty pajamas that have ever been madehello friends, I want to ask maybe anyone know how quickly indexed by search enggin freebtemplat.blogspot.com?no count if this is physique chemistry, on occasion, one thank you to “regulate“ your hormone mixture is to workout extra. i understand that as quickly as i am feeling down a brisk 3 mile walk or a million mile run / walk will regulate the way that i've got self belief for the extra effective. Even a walk around the block at morning and night can help. Static workouts could help. too plenty caffeine, fed through the day may well be a small element of your universal chemical imbalance. women individuals particularly have hormonal and chemical stability problems. in case you have not any longer been to a doctor in an prolonged on an identical time because it may desire to be a great element to have some blood attempt completed. this may well be the precursor for a actual ailment. One extra suitable difficulty is living on previous hurts or losses. in case you feed on intense unfavorable concepts those ultimately will take a toll on your emotional wellbeing. permit flow AND permit GOD !!!!!!! JESUS bless you !!! dave :'>hello, i am looking for a 2000-2008 movie with a military guy searching for UFO signs in iraq, iran , middle?no offense yet buses would not make it. they would desire to pass trough the sea, they could sink with each and all the persons could....... particular i will help PAY FOR THE TICKETS! kidding aside, it somewhat is a beneficial concept, yet what they think of is as quickly as the U. S. disbands that is militia then each and all the international's woes will disappear. they think of that we are the difficulty, and our militia is combating international peace. they do no longer paintings in info or actuality, those human beings stay in a dream international that heavily is not , and sending them to Iran could in uncomplicated terms cause them to sense greater obsessed on US defeat because of the fact the money investment our militia ought to be used to help the Iranians and do social courses. actuality and info are just to radical of techniques for them.hello mommys to be what do you enjoy watching on tv?Birth Day Babies:Special Delivery House Lie to Me The Daily Show The Colbert Report I have been on bed rest for 3 months so I am running out of things to do.I sleep,surf online,read and sleep some more.Good luck to you.justin bieber and "his friend"?/ a picture of a scene/emo dude with hello kitty.?Lying... and JB does not sing good, my opinion
How Do You Feel When You Are Being Introduced to Someone, and They Say U201cIu2019ve Heard so Much A
I mean, it depends on the person.For me, Im okay with it. Like they know me. But Im okay with it if they know like good stuff about me like my taste in music or my favorite TV shows. If they know stuff that is too personal to be known to a complete stranger, Id be weirded out• Suggested ReadingIf I walk into a public restroom and hear someone in a stall sniff, are they probably trying to alert me to their presence?I can't speak for others, but I do that.I prefer for people not to try and open my stall door, (the latches don't always hold well) so I sniff to let them know that there is a person in the bathroom. Also many girls use the bathroom to talk about personal things, and if it was me I would want to know whether there is a stranger listening to my drama------How do you greet people in Nigeria?Thanks for the A2AI would greet in English with either aGood morningGood afternoonGood eveningUsually followed with small pleasantries where you ask about family, health etc.Pidgin (broken) English is widely spoken but is quite informal with greetings such asHow you dey? (How are you?)How far? (Whats happening?)A better familiarity with the society will guide you on where to speak pidgin and where to speak proper English------Is it better to hire a programmer to build your MVP rather than spending time learning to code?I dont think so. The odds of you product being successful are nowhere near the odds that you will benefit from knowing how to code.I would suggest a nice interpreted language for most things, Python seems to be cool again, but I always suggest Ruby as a first language, because :Matz designed the language around the principle of least surpriseMatz designed for maximum programmer happinessNot the fastest language running, but one of the fastest to get things done in perfect for MVPs------What does "moro'" mean in Greek?In today spoken Greek it means baby.But in Ancient Greek it had a different meaning.There was a phrase from Pittakos of Mytiline island, which is in use till our days, which was the below; Gela de o moros kan ti mi gelion ei Which means the fool is laughing even with no funny things.In that case moros means fool.I hoped I helped.Vassilis------In "The Godfather" (1972) why did Carlo Rizzi easily fall for Michael's lie at the end? Didn't he know that playing a role in Michael's brother's death and beating his sister increases his chances of being killed?He had no choice. Much like Tessio, he had nothing left to do but tell the truth - it was really all about Micheal getting his satisfaction before dealing with such loose ends.Im pretty sure Carlo knew Barzini was dead the moment Micheal told him to come. His invitation meant he had no options but to get what was coming to him. Carlo knew better than to run - running was worse------When a girl says "hey", what should a boy reply?It depends upon your relation with himIf you know her personally, like she is y00our class mate or you guys follow same bus or something like this thenyou can reply hi, how are you doing?And if you do not know her then you can simply reply hi? May i know you? Or you can also reply ??? That will also trigger the same------So, ex narc is back again. I've told him seeing someone. I am. He is making a big deal of telling me we're done, doesn't want me, but wants to stay in touch. This is after months of silence. What's he playing at?Hoovering to see if they still have you under their control and see if you would leave your new romantic interest to jump onto their roller coaster (to hell) .trust me them saying were done, dont want you, just want to be friends are all lieshe is in hoover mode..do not trust them and DO NOT FALL FOR IT.they are master manipulators and play the game well.they want to destroy anything you have achieved!------How do you say "he's worn out his welcome" in Portuguese?In a literal translation you would say Ele esgotou sua presenaBut in a good translation would it be Ele esgotou minha hospitalidade if it is in a home.But there is something that my mom says that has the same meaning and is more used here in Brazil: Ele esgotou minha pacincia in a literal translation it would be hes worn out my patience but it makes more sense using the third one------Why do cats respond to "psssst"?Thank you for your question Justin Palmer, Why do cats respond to psssst?I believe psssst sounds very similar to the sound cats make when they hiss at each other in a threatening warning or in anger.I often use psssst to tell the cats to stop undesirable behaviour. Its actually pretty effective in getting Poes to stop attacking things you wish him to leave alone.He used to attack the dried wheat sheaves a single loud psssst would stop him------Is it ok to not like hugging?It is okay but at the same time it might be hiding some trauma around it like sexual abuse.maybe it happened at an early age and you dont remember or you blocked out the event but it can manifest through a phobia of physical contact. Usually along with other clues.im not implying you were abused but maybe just opening a door for self analysis.------What is the best first programming language to learn?C, if you want to evolve as one of the best programmers.I mean python is handy, JavaScript is also. But C is as hard as easy as complex as valauble as flexible as unescapable as elegant. You can build an OS. As you & I, this whole world knows, UNIX & Linux are built on C.C was inspired by C, Java was inspired by both C & C. Still, not interested in C? I would say go with python. All the best!!.------Why do bikers point to the ground?Pointing down to the road can mean watch out for debris or road surface i.e. be wary.Or, in my experience, if youre riding in a group and are following the lead rider (who knows the route better than the others) - at a turning after a junction, he may point down meaning wait here so the other bikers who are coming soon know which way to turn. Once theyve all gone through - tag on the back, and so on.------In Russia, it is considered rude to say hello to someone more than once per day. Is this specific to Russia, or are other countries similar in this respect?Why rude? Stupid? It depends on the situation: if you call repeatedly the same person, you have to greet somehow - so you say "Zdravstvuyte eshcho raz!" - Hello again! After all, you need something from them. If you repeatedly call right after a previous call, you just say sorry and explain you have just called already and state your problem------Why do Cambodians always believe Vietnam and Thailand would invade them and separate Cambodia?Geopolitical my friend.Almost all country want a buffer zone away from their own border against potential enemies.Both countries want Cambodian to allied with itself to rearguard their areas so they can focus on much more dangerous opposing interest countries.This is the true for all nations , not just Cambodians. Remember that Viet Nam had literally waltz into Cambodia and toppled its regime once.My uncle participated in that campaign and he said that it was bloody alright , and sad at the same time------I don't know anything about coding, but I want to learn SQL. How should I start? What are some suggestions?W3school is the best place to learn basics of the language. It provides an interactive workspace to try out the commands learns on predefined tables. It would also give you a good fundamental concepts to begin with. Apart with that there are ample video tutorials on YouTube that can give you real time examples and graphical explanations of the same. You can go with either of them. All the best!!------If you do not like to shake hands with people, for whatever reason, how do you explain that you don't shake hands, or avoid extending your hand, without insulting the person or making a big deal out of it?Wouldnt it be easier to address the issue of why you dont like shaking hands instead?Otherwise the only thing you can do is not extend your hand. If you do have a real good reason to not want to shake hands state it politely, smile and make the rest of your body language engaging. If its simply a dislike it might come across as rude or awkward though.------Is the DNA of modern Greek people similar to that of the ancient Greeks?YES IT IS.DNA dies not have a tendency of changing over time.it will remain the same even after millions of years if well preserved.This is why,if you take the DNA of a Greek,it will never match the DNA of a Macedonian from the Greek-Makedonia. (Try it and you will see-Just be careful of what information you are seeking)Ignore the propaganda------How should I address an email if I don't know the name of the person receiving it?When you are writing a business email, to a generic email address say hr@ or info@ or careers@ etc, it is best to begin the email with Hello! or Hello there,In case you are replying to an email from a generic address, but has a Signature in the email, it is better to switch to Hello , .In any case avoid presuming the gender of the recipient or addressing the gender of the recipient.Thanks for the A2A------How do I add an additional Windows Hello option?Windows Hello is an amazing feature of Windows 10 that provide a higher level of security while login to your PC or laptop. Google Hello allows you to login your system using fingerprint or face detection through webcam.If you are looking to setup Windows Hello in your system, I read somewhere I can share it with you. Please check: What is Windows Hello? How to Login to Your PC Using Windows Hello? Hope this helps!!------Why do Londoners never talk on The Tube (London Underground)?They do, sometimes. The annual Great British Beer Festival takes place at Olympia each year. Until not that long ago just about the only train service to Olympia was the infrequent shuttle on the District Line running from Olympia - Earls Court - High Street Kensington. On leaving the beer festival you'd get on the train, waiting at Olympia before heading off, and literally everyone was talking. It was really friendly. I seem to remember hearing a few songs breaking out, too------Is it true that British people used to talk just like Americans?No. Its true that Americans and Englishmen used to speak the same. Thats because Americans used to speak with English accents, before the two accents diverged. Obviously, theres more than one English and more than one American accent, and the latter is partly because of English accents. American Southern accents sound different because they diverged from English accents later than northern american accents, due to close contact with Britain through trade------What is the meaning of n and t in C language?n indicates new line character that is what we are going to print it will print in new line one after other , and t indicate tab space it is used to print the elements one after with space betweee them.n newline/linefeed t tab example : for nfor(i0;i
Hello Catholic Christians Or Priests I Have a Question?
The Latin Vulgate and the Douay Rheims are two distinctly different bibles. The Douay Rheims is the English translation of the Latin Vulgate. Of the Douay, the Confraternity edition is better than the Challoner edition. At least according to the priests on EWTN. The St. Benedict Press version is a Challoner edition. See Mr. Parker's explanation of the Confraternity Edition in the Amazon review below.1. Hello world! with limited character repetitioniHeEsc3alEscio WorRightd!EnterDoes not repeat any keystroke more than twice.It kinda violates the "user input" rule since it's still the user that needs to input that sequence, but I suppose if you store it as a macro or an nnoremap beforehand it would count, since you are just running it without explicitly doing any input to make it happen.It also requires nocompatible to be set, which may count as using external resources, so I have provided another variation below:iHeEsc3alEscio WorCtrl[$ad!EnterThis variation does not require nocompatible to be set, although it does work around using Esc three times by using Ctrl[ in its place.2. you say goodbye and i say hello...?hello hello! I dont know why you say goodbye i say hello. lol. because that is what the songs says.3. Hello Hello: It's survey time?1.) What are your initials? Sarah 2.) Do you have a middle name? If so, how many? Yes, 1 3.) Do you have a significant other? Yeah 4.) Have you ever experienced love? I think so 5.) Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? If so, how? I am just going out to dinner with my boyfriend 6.) Are you getting anyone a present for tomorrow? Nah, he's getting a big fat kiss. Maybe chocolates if I have time to run out to the store 7.) What is the most romantic song which you like? Uh, not sure 8.) Red or pink? Pink 9.) Have you seen the movie Gnomeo and Juliet? If so, do you like the song "Hello Hello"? (I have it in my head.) Nah 10.) Do you have any ideas on what my survey theme shall be for tomorrow? Whatever you want..4. another hello kitty question!?Another hello kitty question!? theres another question like this but the answer was wrong. ok so hello kitty's name is kitty white. where did "hello kitty" come from??5. Hello Kitty backpack?this is deffinantly no longer too old in the experience that your a 'scene chick' as you assert. something hi Kitty is a ingredient of the scene type. nevertheless in the experience that your beginning highschool, attempt to no longer be too prevalent. Originality is fundamental.6. Anyone Remember The "Hello Mother...Hello Father" Commercial Where The Puppy Is Singing?Advantix Flea killer, I think7. Hello, you believe in love at first sight?i use to but i have been fooled by it several times.. now i dont :)8. "How do you say "Hello" and "Good morning" in Icelandic? Pls. help?"How do you say "Hello" and "Good morning" in Icelandic? Pls. help? "How do you say "Hello" and "Good morning" in Icelandic? Pls. help?9. what is www.hello.com????????????????????????????Why do not you just look up the web site yourself?10. Hello Americans,can you tell me if my English is good?It's pretty good. There are some mistakes tho. Hi,I am Brazilian,I am 17 years old and I was born in RIO DE JANEIRO. [We call it Rio de Janiero too, most people would not know what you are talking if you said River of January.] I've been studying English since I was 14 years old,now I can write and speak in English without ANY problem,but MY [no 'the'] unique problem is TRYING to understand [*we do not normally use 'the' here*] native speakers,because my ears are ACCUSTOMED to Portuguese,Portuguese ALL OF THE time and everywhere(in [*no the*] school,in the street,in my house)so this is bad for me,because I would like to travel to NYC,Los Angeles,Las Vegas,Orlando and Miami! Well,I am training my ears listening Rock N'Roll songs,American movies,etc. Sorry if that's kind of confusing, nice work tho! Keep it up11. ThinkPad x230 Windows HelloI solved my trouble by installing other windows iso.As I can undestand, my old image was not contain hello feature12. Hello Kitty Stuff Stores ?Sometimes the mall has a Sanrio store. You can go to Sanrio.com and find locations
Hello Guys and Gals, What Laptop Should I Purchase?
I've never had a problem with my Sony VAIO, but Dells are nice, and if you are going to be using it to record a lot of music and use a lot of hard drive space you might want to look into a Dell XPS1. "Hello, World!”The newlines are only for cosmetic purposes. I am fairly sure that this is not optimal.Here is a slightly more readable (and also runnable) version:I started out by constructing an optimal linear code (i. e. one which does not use 3s which allow for loop). That is quite simple: for each character, determine which bytes to flip from the last one. Move to the right-most character that has to be flipped (with a series of 2s), then move back to the left with 1 for each byte that has to be flipped and 121 for each byte that should not be flipped. Finally move to the writing index -2 and print the character with 21. Repeat. At the very end, move to index -1 with a trailing 1 in order for the program to terminate.This jumble of 1s and 2s was generated with this CJam script, which you can run online here:Then I removed some repetition of ones and twos by inserting loops by hand. 3 works as follows: if the instruction pointer is to the left of index 0, skip the 3. Otherwise, jump to the previous 3 if the current bit is 1 or jump ahead to the next 3 if the bit is 0. So simple loops, repeating a code segment x can be constructed as 33x33 or 33x3 (depending on whether the termination condition is "current bit is zero" or "moved to a negative index"). Then I started enumerating some relevant simple loops and when they are applicable. I've been using these loops only when moving back through the bits to change one character code to the next. If we can use a loop here depends both on the current state of a bit a and the target state b. I will be denoting this combined state of each position as [a b]. Now here are the relevant loops and the required position patterns in a regex-like syntax:Listing out the combined states for each character, we can annotate the potential loops and how many bytes they will save (each ___ annotates the character above; sometimes multiple loops are possible):Now I just picked the most profitable loop in each case and inserted it into the code.I am fairly certain that one could find a couple more loops that I've overlooked. But I also think that it's possible to find a significantly shorter solution that is not based on anything a human would come up with. So far I have no idea how to efficiently search for such a solution automatically though, so I will leave it at that for now2. Obfuscated Hello WorldViolates rule II3. What is the output for in main char *ptr="hello"; ptr ='m'; printf ("%s", *s);?Let char a[] = "string literal"; char *p = "string literal";A string literal (the formal term for a double-quoted string in C source) can be used in two slightly different ways:As the initializer for an array of char, as in the declaration of char a[] , it specifies the initial values of the characters in that array (and, if necessary, its size).Anywhere else, it turns into an unnamed, static array of characters, and this unnamed array may be stored in read-only memory, and which therefore cannot necessarily be modified. In an expression context, the array is converted at once to a pointer, as usual (see section 6), so the second declaration initializes p to point to the unnamed array's first element.Some compilers have a switch controlling whether string literals are writable or not (for compiling old code), and some may have options to cause string literals to be formally treated as arrays of const char (for better error catching).4. Why is HELLO WORLD always taught in programming?Hello World (Assemblers, Considered Harmful?!) - ComputerphileUsing Hello World to show how assemblers keep track of memory - but at the expense of two passes through the computer.5. muslims,hello,please help me understand something?YHWH is the proper name of G-d. If you read Genesis, you will see the Truth. G-d made his covenant with Isaac. NOT with Ishmael. The L-rd blessed Ishmael, but his covenant was not with him. Genesis 17:19-22 I believe this: Yeshua is the Messiah. He saved my soul, and because of Him, I am an 'adopted' child of Abraham. I worship the L-rd in a jewish tradition through Yeshua.
Knowledge About Metalcore Bands,Say Hello to Tragedy of Metalcore Bands
Say Hello to Tragedy of metalcore bandsSay Hello to Tragedy is the seventh full-length album by Caliban. The album was released on August 24, 2009 (Europe), with Century Media Records, instead of the usual, Roadrunner Records."24 Years", the lead single from Say Hello to Tragedy was released on July 17 on the band's Myspace. A second song, "Caliban's Revenge" was released on their Myspace page on July 24. A full album stream was put up on August 13. A video was also made for "24 Years" and "Caliban's Revenge".The album entered the German Media Control chart at No. 36.The concept of Say Hello to Tragedy comes from questioning why tragedies happen nowadays that could have been prevented.Guitarist Marc Goertz commented, If people would just open their eyes and at least care a bit about their neighbours, relatives and the world in general, a lot of this adversity could be avoided. Some of our new songs are entirely fictional, whereas other ones refer to real life dramas like the Fritzl case.------Outtrigger (band) of metalcore bandsOuttrigger is a Swedish metal group from Helsingborg established by Timmy Andersson and Simon Peyron in 2009 when they were classmates. In 2010, three other members joined in, Joakim Agnemyr, Adam Axelsson and John Lofgren, making it a 5-piece band. Originally lead vocals was Oliver Buvac, until he left and lead vocals was taken over by co-founder Simon Peyron. The band played live concerts and in 2012 came second in the music competition Rockkarusellen and again second in 2013 in Popkorn, Skne's largest music competition.The band's breakthrough came with a metal cover of Robin Stjernberg's song "You" the day after the song won the Melodifestivalen 2013.In November 2013, it was announced that Outtriger was taking part in Melodifestivalen 2014 in a bid to represent Sweden in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Singing their song "Echo" on February 15 preliminary semi-finals, they were given a Second Chance, with a duel against Elena Paparizou with Paparizou qualifying and Outtrigger failing to reach the Melodifestivalen final.------Hewhocorrupts of metalcore bandsHewhocorrupts is a Chicago-based grindcore band most known for their songs mocking Metallica, making reference to the notorious allegations of the group having sold out by parodying the band's song titles with their own business-related counterparts: Ride the Lightning is retitled Ride the Limo and Master of Puppets becomes Master of Profits. This jab of satire is carried through the entire band's style. Their own site refers to them as "Hewhocorrupts Megacorp.", and they appear in a costume of business suits and aviator sunglasses informally known as "hardcorporate", in reference to other styles such as hardcore, grindcore, etc.Members of the band were in the power violence/grindcore band Kungfu Rick and in Authority Abuse. The band Hewhocorrupts operates a record label which has released albums by such artists as: 7000 Dying Rats, Authority Abuse, Don't Worry About It, Fordirelifesake, Fork Knife Spoon, Godstomper, Holy Roman Empire, Infestation of Ass, John Brown Battery, (Lone) Wolf & Cub, Mexican Cheerleader, Not Enough Gold, Plague Bringer, Russian Circles, Stillwell, Third Degree, Tower of Rome, Tusk, Wilbur Cobb.------Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) of metalcore bands'Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter)' is the second single from Falling in Reverse's third album Just Like You. It is the fourth and final installment of the Guillotine series, which was started by Escape the Fate when former lead singer Ronnie Radke was in the band. The first song titled 'The Guillotine' was in Escape the Fate's debut album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion in 2006 with Ronnie Radke on vocals. The second song which was titled 'This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)' was on Escape the Fate's second studio album This War Is Ours in 2008 with Craig Mabbit on vocals. The third song which was titled 'The Aftermath (The Guillotine III)' was on Escape the Fate's third self-titled album in 2010 with Mabbit on vocals. Then finally in 2015 Falling in Reverse finished the series with 'Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) with Radke on vocals once again.------Fateless of metalcore bandsFateless (stylised as FATELESS) is the fifth studio album by Japanese rock band Coldrain. Recorded at Studio Barbarosa in Orlando, Florida with producer Michael 'Elvis' Baskette, it was released on October 11, 2017 by Warner Music.Fateless is the first Coldrain album to be released under the label of Warner Music Japan, following leaving Hopeless Records towards the backend of 2016, and also the first to not be released under the Japanese label VAP. This would be the follow-up since 2015's Vena, and be their second highest charting album on the Oricon Albums Chart, debuting and peaking at number 8, only behind The Revelation which peaked at number 7.The album was home to three singles, "Envy", the lead single, which was released in late August, "Feed The Fire", on the 21st of the following month, as well as being the opening theme of the anime King's Game, and "R.I.P." in October, just three days after the release of Fateless. Coldrain would also ambitiously cover "Uninvited" by Alanis Morissette on this 12 track record that runs a little over 46 minutes.------Composition and lyrics of metalcore bandsThe writing and recording process for "Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake" was slightly different to the normal approach adopted by Bring Me the Horizon speaking to Sugarscape.com, bassist Matt Kean recalled that "for this one, instead of going into a room to jam and play the songs we would pre-record riffs or keyboard parts ... then if there was a good part we'd record it on the computer directly". Speaking about the song to Metal Hammer in a track-by-track commentary of Sempiternal, vocalist Oliver Sykes proclaimed that the band "were after a faster, more fun song to pick up the pace", calling it "probably the funnest track on the CD".Noisecreep's Greg Srisavasdi claimed that "Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake" is "an aggressive verbal attack on an unnamed recipient". Describing the style of the track, Loudwire's Joe DiVita outlined that "The song ... is a balance of softer moments and higher energy moments like the hook-laden chorus. Atmospheric synthesizers provide a somber atmosphere to the edgier lyrics that deal with loss and angst".------A Vacant Affair of metalcore bandsA Vacant Affair (Also known as AVA) is a 5-piece Singaporean post-hardcore band that was formed in 2004. The band is one of the first few groups to bring heavier music to the mainstream audience and reach the local charts in Singapore.The band consists of Matthew Lim (vocals), Joshua Tan (vocals, guitar), Rudi Osman (guitar), Tan Wei Shen (bass), Hafyz Tajuddin (drums). They have so far released an EP and one full-length album. In December 2008 and February 2009 respectively, it was announced that Shen and Rudi were to pursue their studies overseas. Later at their shows it was announced that they would be replaced temporarily by Joseph Cinco of Marchtwelve and Cedric Chew of death metal band, Meza Virs, with Joseph on bass and Cedric on guitars respectively. Cedric produced their album and both are good friends of the band. Shen has since returned to Singapore.------Left to Vanish of metalcore bandsLeft to Vanish is an American metalcore band formed in 2002 from Philadelphia, PA. With a number of member changes at their initial start, Sean Salm (age 15 in 2001) is considered to be the main contributor behind LTV's work. They released two albums in a 7-year span. Buried Alive in A Grave of Your Own Mistakes in 2005 on End All Music and Versus the Throne in July 2008 on Lifeforce Records. The band disbursed in 2009 right after setting plans to enter the studio to record their 3rd full length album, due to conflicts between members.LTV remained inactive until December 2016, where they made an appearance on a bill at the Theatre of the Living Arts with The Acacia Strain in Philadelphia. Quickly after reuniting, LTV produced a single "The Recurrence Pattern". Their third album Dethroned with new frontman Bob Meadows (former member of A Life Once Lost) is set to release in December 2017.------Reign of Terror of metalcore bandsReign of Terror is the second by Australian metalcore band Capture The Crown. This is the final album with the name Capture the Crown before the name change to just Capture. The album was produced by both Matt Good and Taylor Larson from the band From First to Last, and was released through the record label Artery Recordings. The first single off the album, "To Whom It May Concern", was released on 9 June 2014. It is the last album to feature guitarists Kris Sheehan, Jye Menzies, and drummer, Tyler March, after their departures on 4 October 2014, as well as the first album to feature bassist Maurice Morfaw. Reign of Terror was re-released as a deluxe edition with the five tracks from the "Live Life" EP on 24 November. Reign of Terror charted at No. 86 on the U.S. Billboard 200, the band's first album to chart in the U.S., as well as the third Australian metal band to chart------Musical style of metalcore bandsThe album merges the styles of hardcore punk and heavy metal. It been categorised as genres such as metalcore, heavy hardcore and sludgecore. It often borders the sounds of Swedish death metal and groove metal. The album incorporates elements of melodic death metal, slam death metal, thrash metal and black metal.Kris Pugh of Distorted Sound magazine described it as putting the band "at the apex of modern hardcore". In an article for Kerrang!, Dan Slessor says that in comparison to the band's previous album: "Its more hardcore, more metal, there are more fast parts, more breakdowns, more malice, more unease and, perhaps most importantly, more energy". In an article for New Noise magazine, Caleb R Newton said that "There is not a single moment on A Different Shade of Blue thats not packed to the brim with musical (and thematic!) brutality". However, Connor Atkinson for Exclaim! described "Mistakes Like Fractures" as "overtly catchy".------Omen of metalcore bandsOmen is an EP by American metalcore band Within the Ruins. It was released via Victory Records on May 24, 2011. It features two new songs and two covers. Omen would be the band's last release featuring Mike Beaujean on bass and Mike Van Schelt on guitar. Additionally, it would be the last release to feature two guitarists, with Cocchi taking over sole guitar duties in 2013's full length Elite. It would also be the band's last release for Victory Records, as they would go on to sign with eOne Music in November 2012.Following Omen's initial release, Victory Records released limited edition vinyl pressings in three colors, all of which included an MP3 download card. Of the three colors offered, only 600 red, 300 green, and 100 "clear with black smoke" were pressed.On October 11, 2011, the band released a music video for the song "Controller". The video featured scenes of the band performing the song and performing a Reservoir Dogs-inspired getaway scene------Anterrabae of metalcore bandsAnterrabae was an American metalcore/hardcore punk band from Long Island, New York, United States. Their first album, Shakedown Tonight, was released in March 2004. Their second studio album, And Our Heart Beat in Our Fingertips, Without Reason came out in June 2006. In the beginning of 2008, they announced two shows with former singer Neal Carter on April 11, 2008, in Connecticut, and 13, in New Jersey. Anterrabae played their final show at Traxx in Long Island, New York on December 22, 2008, with original vocalist Neal Carter; until two reunion shows at the Amityville Music Hall on May 24 and 25, 2014.Guitarist Joey Spagna has gone on to play with 2 Long Island bands, Shepherds and Heart of a Lion. Bassist Anthony Dimaggio has gone on to play with Long Island band Mt. Mourning. Chris Gleason is currently playing drums in Ice Age. Erik Boccio is currently playing alongside former members of bands Every Time I Die and Buried Alive in the band Kid Gorgeous.
When Thereu2019s a Big Difference Between Systolic & Diastolic Pressure, Does That Mean the Heart Is
It means there is an aortic aneurysm.The pulse pressure ( SBP - DBP. If 120/80, PP is 1208040) is widened in aortic aneurysms because the hypertension has gone from raised systolic pressure, (the 1st number), to raised both systolic and diastolic (the second number), to lowering the second number. The mechanism behind this is stiffening of blood vessels creates a high pressure within the circulation. The heart muscle enlarges after working harder to pump out against the higher systemic vascular resistance and that make the filling pressures rise as flow is impeded within the thickened ventricle walls as the chambers size is reducing filling. Then, the final effect is the large vessel that had been absorbing the force of the hearts outward thrust of pressure, the aorta, loses its elastic recoil and stretches too far. The dilitation results in a drop in pressure of the second number reflected all the way back to the ventricle chambers filling pressure.Of course this happens after years of hypertension. Rather unlikely if you arent over 50.Anyway. That is what I would be concerned about. It has to be investigated. Palpating an abdominal bruit (rushing pulse) in a thin person or getting an abdominal ultrasound will confirm the size. Bigger than 5cm needs surgery• Related QuestionsWhy do I sometimes forget how to talk?Here are three simple ways you can do that:Smiling. Many of us dont typically smile when were opening a conversation. Well say things like, Hi, hows your morning going? and deliver it like were a doctor giving bad news. But when we DO smile, its the instant ice breaker. And its so simple to do. So practice letting your smile fill your face. I used to videotape myself speaking to find out I wasnt smiling enough. It gets easier once you start practicing.Slow down. The speed in which we say something can have a huge effect on how people perceive us. When were nervous, we tend to speed up the way we talk. When we slow down though, it gives people time to connect with you. Couple that with a good smile and you got a winning system. So try slowing down what youre saying by 50%. It will feel sluggish, but this is perfect for everyone else. It helps to enunciate your words too. Young Ramit got way ahead using this one tip.Change your tone. Way back in the day, I had no tonality whatsoever when I talked. Im sure you could close your eyes and not tell if you were conversing with me or Ben Stein. Eventually I realized this, so I started to speak with more energy and it did WONDERS. Try taking whatever level youre at when you normally talk, and add 50% more energy into your voice. What feels weird to you is NORMAL to everyone else------How would you respond to a loved one, who intentionally (and incessantly) puts you in faith's 'line of fire' (prayers at get togethers, sending missionaries and church leaders to your house, etc.) despite your clear objections?Take care of your sanity first.The most important way to do that is to communicate with others who can understand what youre going through. When I was thirteen, I revealed my non-religion to my parents, who thereupon ordered that I go to church every Sunday and say nothing to my eight siblings. Luckily, I had a friend who was going through much the same thing I was. We got each other through five years that would have been many times tougher. Also, it turned out that some of my siblings ended up feeling the same way I did about religion. We gradually learned to thwart my parents plans.This is especially important if you are dependent on the loved one in question. It sounds like s/he lives nearby. Part of your solution regardless is to use the resources of the Internet to converse with like-minded people.So the other part of the solution is to become less dependent on the loved ones who are trying to help you. Slowly work your way towards independence. If you dont, theyll always find a method to weasel a missionary or two into your life in a way you can do nothing about. Be careful about giving religious people ultimatums. I regard them as addicted to religion and they may very well choose that over you. However, if you live further away or they no longer have your address, this will limit their tactics.Remember, the only person you control is yourself. And the people trying to help you can only control themselves. Religion is a constant irritant, but I think a standoff is far better than either side winning.------How can I just forget about my twin flame and move on with life?As Hope spring said the love you share with your Tw can be shared with evryoneelse. Not can be should be even with your enemies, by now you must had learn about forgivness.Ive started to realize that the TF journey isnt about realization of your desires, is about your inner you. About your ill behaviors and thoughts, that is mirrored by your TF . Isnt about Hollywood romanticism or the classic living hapily thereafter. Is about intropesction . Im not familiarized with the phases like The dark night of soul or surrender phases, im not having syncronisities as i dont own a watch and mostly of the time im not watching the clock, but i have a lot of found memories of my TF, and i enjoy it despise i hadnt meet her since 3 years ago. Because my sleeping disorder i can be sleeping at any moment in the day or not sleeping at all. so the at 11:11 i usually im sleeping at that moment. The only time that i saw by close that hour was when my TF wrote me at my facebook for my birthday this year, she send the message at 11:12, close but not 11:11.Look at your self, look at your inside because for that is the journey. If you want give up, then do it because you cant afford looking at the mirror and smile------How do you write "Hello world" in x86_64 assembly?Well, assembly is not only about the architecture, here x86, it's also about the assembler for syntax and the system for system callsHere's a hello world in NASM using Linux system callsSECTION .datamsg: db "Hello World", 10SECTION .textglobal mainmain:mov edx, 12mov ecx, msgmov ebx, 1mov eax, 4int 0x80mov ebx, 0mov eax, 1int 0x80You store the characters for hello world usig db. In main you move the length of the string to print to edx, then you move the address of the string to ecx, then you move 1 to ebx which refers to the output stream, then 4 to eax which is the system call of print, then you send an interrupt to the kernel which executes the system call.To exit move 0 to ebx which is the exit code then move 1 to eax which is a system call for exit then send a kernel interrupt.And that's it!Thought, this only used 32-bit registers, to use 64-bit change the e in the names of the registers to r, this doesn't apply to all x86 registers, but applies to the ones used here.I once took this even further and opened the generate executable and stripped it and moved the message to the begging and rearranged the actual machine code positions and made some relative short jumps to minimize the file size as much as possible while sticking to EFL structure, I was able to reach around 150 bytes, you can find it on this GitHub repo of mine aziad1998/shortest-hello-program.------Why is that some people say that "if a Haskell program compiles, it probably works"?While commenting Phil Jones's answer, I got a good view which may complement the other views, so I hope it will help:In my experience you can create half-correct programs in Haskell too, and gradually have a whole picture... The point is that the language itself give you more structure to do things more precisely. When somebody says "it will take you longer to actually get your code to compile", it may be true considering that you will think about more vulnerabilities and plan ahead for them before it's too late, of course it may look like you had an increased cost of time from the perspective of a manager, but that is not the case, you are just more prepared to make a better program. Another thing, a programmer who codes mostly in imperative languages, will achieve the "top" of the language, earlier than in Haskell, because Haskell allows you to code more abstractly (the more abstract the programmers think, the better their code will resemble the problems they are solving)... In other words, a Haskell coder will have more space for improvement, and it will result that he/she will solve problems more naturally. Everybody should give Haskell (and functional programming as a whole) a try, learning it patiently will be for an ordinary programmer a reborn, as it is being for me.------If data science is in demand, why is it so hard to get a data scientist job?I am a Data Engineer in the innovation centre of a large advertising holding company. Our team is a mix of 23 data scientists, 23 junior data scientists, 5 data engineers and 5 data analysts.I hope to shed different light on the matter.I would say, as of now, 2019, data science is not as in demand as most would think. Companies have hired their few cream of the crop data scientists and junior data scientists. They are now looking to make everything work and are desperately looking for more experienced data engineers to turn things production ready.Fact of the matter is, every Analytics outfit only needs a few good data scientists per project. Like the other poster mentioned, these few roles are highly selective and only the best get chosen. Just because you did a 3 month online course on data science doesnt mean jack. Even a 2 years masters in data science might not help.Given the proliferation of institutions looking to profit from this craze (online courses, remote masters programmes, PHd, even saw a Harvard and Cambridge data science ad on Instagram before. Seriously who goes to Harvard for DS?) there is going to be massive oversupply of data scientist wannabes and a real lack of good experienced data engineers. And these individuals who have invested time and money into their data science learning are not going to want to do anything less------My aunt calls me baby. Is it okay if I call her that too? I am a female by the way.I am assuming that your aunt is in your mother's age range and as known you since infancy. Particularly if you are the youngest of the family, "baby" can end up as the term of endearment and description that you are saddled with. I was the youngest and the only girl in the immediate family and I was frequently referred to as "the baby" long after I was in college. My mother used to tell the story about running into someone the family knew who had not been in town for several years. This person had also recently run into another family member who had, in the course of filling the friend in on what was happening with various family members, mentioned that my mother and "the baby" were doing well. She assumed that my mother had had a second child recently. (Which would have been remarkable as my mother would have been in her early fifties at the time.) She, of course, ask her about the new baby. After a few moments of confusion, she realized that the other relative was talking about me. I was something like 14 at the time. There are things about family members that, if they are not too egregious, you are stuck with. All the people who called me baby have been in the grave for a long time now, and I miss what irritated me then
Does the Japanese Word for "hello" Sound Like "Ohio"?
Because all Japanese people are Browns fans1. Guys, do you like Hello Kitty?Yes I am 53 and have more Hello Kitty stuff than most girls. I also a furry and she is cute and anthropomorphic. I have done a hello Kitty panel at a anime and a furry convention. I am quite publicly, I have a Hello Kitty wallet and carry a Hello Kitty backpack in public except on work days. I am not juvenile or transgender , but a person that put style before conformity2. "Hello, World!”Try it online!This was found with a brute force program. Time taken:I suspect this is optimal3. ideas for a hello kitty gift!?!?Ideas for a hello kitty gift!?!? my cousin is having a hello kitty birthday party and she is obsessed with it! i wanted to know if anyone had any really good gift ideas and i do not have a lot of money. i would prefer something that i could make. by the way, she is 12 so not a gift for little girls. thanks! best answer 10 points!!!4. What is the real meaning of 'Hello' in Hindi?The word hello meaning in hindi is (namaste)5. Hello people I'm Josh from New York's Times?Hello Josh - I am with G.R.I.T.S. (Gulf residents insanely tired of stupid Obama)!6. hello, I was wondering whats a credit check when a dealer for cars checks it?Auto finance is what I do for a living and there are 10 things that go into making up a car deal weather it's a purchase or a lease and all can effect the interest rate. 1. Term of loan. Shorter the better. 2. Age of vehicle. Newer the better. 3. Miles on vehicle. Lower the better. 4. Amount to finance compared to book value. Lower the better. 5. Credit score. Higher the better. 6. Credit profile. Deeper the better. 7. Down payment. More the better. 8. Monthly income. Higher the better. 9. Time on job. Longer the better. 10. Time at residence. Longer the better. As long as all of the above are in line with the lender guide lines and you make enough income to budget for the payment you should be approved. As you can see from the above list there are way to many things that go into making up a car deal to guess at your interest rate. Just so you will know this is a breakdown of F.I.C.O. scores used by one of the largest credit unions in my State. FICO system scores from 300-850. Elite-740-& up Prime-700-739 Preferred-660-699 Standard-625-659 Sub-prime-624-& under There are lenders that have first time buyer programs, they require a minimum of 12-months or your job, a monthly income of at least $1,600.00, a down payment of at least $1,000.00 or 10% of the price of the vehicle and a maximum amount financed of $10,000.00. if you do not meet these requirements or the vehicle you have chosen cost more then this you will have to have a good qualified co-signer to get the loan. This should help you understand how credit works. FICO scores from 300 to 850 and Vantage Plus scores from 501 to 990. Here is the breakdown for both systems. Vantage Plus system scores from 501-990. A-901-990 B-801-900 C-701-800 D-601-700 F-501-600 FICO system scores from 300-850. Elite-740-& up Prime-700-739 Preferred-660-699 Standard-625-659 Sub-prime-624-& under FICO is the only one that matters since it's the one that all major lenders look at. So as you can see it depends on if your looking at a true FICO score or a Vantage plus score. As far as what makes up credit scores it's the following; 1. Payment history (longer the better) 35% 2. Time in bureau (longer the better) 15% 3. Types of credit (mix of credit cards & installment loans) 10% 4. New credit (new accounts and inquiries) 10% 5. Debt to credit ratio (lower the better) 30% Things that do not effect your score. 1. How much you make or how long you have been on your job. 2. Where you live or how long you have been there. 3. Any account not considered real credit like cell phones, rent, utilities, cable, insurance or gym memberships. 4. If your a registered voter or not. 5. Having a checking or savings account. 6. How wealthy you are. Note: There is a new F.I.C.O. score called F.I.C.O. XD that takes into consideration cell phones, rent and utilities. It has not been fully put into effect yet as they are still experimenting with it. This is aimed at getting people approved for credit cards that would normally be turned down. So as you can see credit is based on opening and paying accounts. So without that you would have no score at all. To have the best score and profile people need 3 credit card accounts (revolving) and 2 cars, boats, homes, personal loans etc. accounts (installment) all with good long payment history's. The credit bureaus use different scoring systems, Equifax scores from 250 to 843, Experian from 253 to 893. Transunion from 250 to 877. Then you have places like Creditkarma, Lifelock, lendingtree etc. that also have their own scoring system. These can easely be off by 100-points or more compaired to F.I.C.O.. There are also 3 different types of scores. The standard that you see, the auto enhanced that only auto dealers and lenders see and the factual which only mortgage companies and lenders see. So each person can have 12-15 different scores none of which will match. Great system huh. Add to this the fact that all lenders do not even report to all 3 credit bureaus and some do not report at all and you begin to see the problem with our current system. As far as a real score goes, go to myfico.com it will cost $20.00 but you will get a real FICO score. You might also go to annualcreditreport.com where you can see and print free once a year all 3 credit reports. Not scores just the actual reports. Any score that calculates to less then a 300 for F.I.C.O. or 501 for Vantage defaults to 0.
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